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Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief

Book by Rick Riordan

Review by George- year 5

Percy Jackson is just a normal kid going to school. Playing basketball, skateboarding, the usual. Until he accidentally vaporised his maths teacher. Now he spends his time battling monsters and trying to stay alive. Zeus, the god of the sky, thinks he’s stolen his lightning bolt- and making Zeus angry is a bad idea.


The Clockwork Sparrow

Book by Catherine Woodfine

Review by Katie- year 5

This book is one of my favourites about an adventure of stolen gems and how an ordinary shop girl gets them back.


Devil You Know

Book by Cathy Macphail

Review by Ollie- year 5

When Logan moves to Glasgow, he isn’t popular. But then he met Baz. Baz was always courageous, funny, friendly, scary, stern. But then they do something they shouldn’t. Is it just Logan, or is something wrong with Baz? I really liked it because it had a good storyline.


Young Samurai: The Ring of Water

Book By Chris Bradford

Review by Daragh

It is a very good book about a 14 year-old boy named Jack Fletcher, who has been trained as a samurai and ninja. In this book, Jack is trying to escape Japan because the Shogun (supreme ruler) is hunting him.


Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks

Book By Terry Deary

Review by Daragh


This book is about the Ancient Greeks and how they were so “Groovy”. This book is written in chapters, titles (for stories), headlines and comic strips. It is very funny and here are some facts:

  • The Greeks invented the first camera.
  • They influenced us in science, maths, philosophy and literature.




If you like How to train your dragon, try A boy and a bear in a boat. By Dave Shelton

If you like Percy Jackson, try Skulduggery Pleasant. By Derek Landy

If you like Tom Gates OR Diary of a Wimpy kid, try Kid Normal By Greg James and Chris Smith

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