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Class Three Have Been Learning About the Growth Mindset

IMG_6338b In Class Three we have been learning about the Growth Mindset. Which believes ability is not fixed but incremental.

One of the most damaging myths has been that some people are born with more intellectual ability than others, and that they retain this competitive advantage throughout their lives. This belief that some people are inherently smart, and some aren’t, reflects a fixed mindset perspective. From a growth mindset perspective, however, intelligence develops over time, with appropriately scaffolded opportunities to learn. Ability is not a static attribute of a person. Instead, it develops actively, with motivation and effort. Looked at this way, basic principles of giftedness and talent development apply to all children, not just a select few. Carol Dweck

The children have been learning about the key skills which they will need to apply in order to develop a Growth Mindset. These have been explained to them in a child friendly way. In Class Three we talk about being:

Cooperative Koalas
Resilient Rhinos
Problem solving Penguins
Focused Ferrets
Creative Camels

We talk about the key skills a task will require and the difficulties we may face and the way we can overcome difficulties.


Class Three worked in teams of threes and fours to design the tallest tower using just spaghetti and marshmallow. The children knew they had to be cooperative Koalas and problem solving Penguins. Of course we all know the biggest challenge was not to eat the marshmallows!

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