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Eric and the Pencil

In Class Five recently, Eric made this giant pencil as a homework project. The class had a lot of freedom to choose something that interested them – the topic was Inventions – and Eric decided to go for something less obvious in being such an everyday object.

He found out a lot of interesting information about the pencil as a form of technology and made a truly gigantic one to illustrate his point! It is covered in Eric’s writing about the story of the invention of the pencil and its importance in history. Here is a picture of Eric and his giant pencil and below the photo are some of the facts he discovered:

Eric and pencil (800x600)
  • Pencils have survived history and sales are booming even in our digital age – it is estimated that the worlds largest pencil manufacturer produces 1.5 billion pencils per year.
  • During the 1600’s graphite was used as an instrument for marking sheep.
  • In the 1700’s sticks of black lead were sold regularly on the streets of London wrapped in paper, string or twigs.
  • Pencils are stamped with numbers and letters that indicate its blackness, this is called the HB scale – Hardness Blackness
  • Traditionally a hexagonal pencil was made so it did not roll of the child’s desk at school. Equally the carpenter’s pencil is rectangular to prevent it rolling away when used on a building site.
  • Around the world no other instrument is used more than the number 2 pencil.

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