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Four Poems About the Environment: November 2014

Don’t Shoot! by Edward Cook
The sound of birds racing through the jungle as man cuts down the tree
As the tree falls, the thud makes you jump like a kangaroo
The big tiger racing through the forest, burning everything in its path
Man is strong; he will use his gun
The sound of gunshot means one less tiger in the world
Would you like to be shot?
Not me, not you, not anyone I hope
So listen – don’t shoot!

Extinction by Lucy Wright
Why are all the animals going
Each and every one we know?
From huge elephants to scarlet pandas
From cosy burrows to wild savants,
But here’s something I’d like to know
Where did all the animals go?
Why are all the tigers going
Especially the white ones that glowed like snow?
There used to be so many in the Southern Hemisphere
Each and every time of year
because of mankind’s jealousy
These creatures will be lost for eternity
But I’m quite curious to know
Where did all the animals go?
Why are the polar bears going?
I cannot stand not knowing
What have we done?
Can it be erase
Or will it leave a terrible graze?
I hope it’s not so
Are we the reason the animals chose to go?

Do the Hunters Care? by Elle Faux-Winstanley
The frail fox sprinting as fast as sound
But too slow for the hound
Hunters killing all the animals
Some now only exist in tales
A humoured hunter dances home
The swaying animal making its last drone
A metal bullet as quick as light
Animals never get the chance to fight
The deafening BOOM! of the gun
No creature was able to run
The crippled cheetah’s time ticking
All caught up in the hunters’ pricking
The thought of animals dying is quite sickening
Extinction is of man’s making

Deforestation Across the Nation by Laurie Dash
Deforestation, deforestation
It’s happening across the nations
The cutting down of the desperate trees
resulting in the loss of homes for birds and bees
How is this affecting us?
Every year the oxygen levels fall
Global warning is caused because of this
What’s the more, lots of governments think it’s bliss
The forest is getting cut down all because of greed
Rare cures are being treated like they’re something we don’t need
If this continues, animals from the dorset will be no more
And the Earth will become Venus – a wasteland galore

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