Digital Animation Club

With the help and sparkle of our awesome teacher, Angela Frankham, we managed to finish our fabulous Winter Wonderland in just 4 sessions. Each session was around 2 hours long, which was the perfect amount of time for all six of us to build and film our stories. I have really enjoyed animation club and am very proud of what we have created together.

Thank-you Angela.

Animation Club Steps

  1. Choose your story and create a story board.
  2. Next figure our what models you will be making and how many you will need.
  3. Then find clothes for your character and choose a ready made manakin from Angela’s supply.
  4. Mould your character from plasticine and dress them.
  5. Then you will need to build your back ground scenery. Which for this project involved lots of snow.
  6. We used different materials for the backdrop; like wrapping paper, bubble wrap, these cover different areas and make different shapes and textures.
  7. After you have finished all of the scene you can start to film your story.
  8. This involves moving your character tiny amounts and then taking a photo.
  9. Every picture you take is then played together to make one short video.

FACT: Around every 4 pictures you take will be only 1 second of film! Anna’s and my film was12 seconds long, that’s about 45 – 48 photographs.


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