E-safety and Online Learning Games

It is very important that our children remain safe when they are online.

DITTO is a free online safety (e-safety) magazine for schools, organizations and parents to keep you up to date with risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology. A new edition is released approx. every 6 weeks. It now has useful  articles written by children  Go to  http://www.esafety-adviser.com/latest-newsletter/ to view archived issues.

Here are the latest copies :

DITTO- Ed 10 Oct 2017  Friends & Followers, Permanence, Cyber Trauma, Ditto Junior

DITTO – Ed 9 Sept 2017   Is ‘safety’ relevant?, Have I been ‘pwned’?, Doxxing, Sarahah app.

DITTO-Summer-2017  Decoy apps, Is my child ready for a phone? Transition to high school.

Parents are strongly recommended to follow the e-safety guidance available at:







We are gathering recommendations for online learning games for this page, and welcome suggestions from parents. If you have found a free learning game online which your children enjoy, please email the link to wendy_palmby@bathnes.gov.uk. We cannot guarantee to include it but we will definitely look into it!

There are some lovely online learning games available free of charge on the BBC website:

Games for Key Stage One (ie Reception – Year 2):



Games for Key Stage Two (ie Year 3 – Year 6):


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