Parent’s FAQ

What are the school times?
The school day starts at 8.40am. Doors are open at 8.40am. Please aim to arrive by 8:45 so that children can be settled in their class by 8.50am for register to commence.

The school expects all children to arrive on time so that learning can start without delay or disruption. Late arrival is marked in the register with minutes late noted. A letter will be sent to parents whose children repeatedly arrive later than 8.50am.

School finishes at 3.15pm.

What do I do if my child is unable to attend school?
Illness and absence
When a child is unwell, parents are asked to phone the school before 9.30am. It is also possible to ring in and leave a message reporting a child’s absence, and this can be done at any time, for example during the evening if it becomes clear that a child will not be fit for school the next day.

Term dates and holidays
See here for details

What is the School Uniform and how do I buy it?
See here for details

School Dinners and packed lunches
Children can decide between school dinners or sandwiches. They are required to stick to a weekly pattern and complete a form stating which days they will have dinners.

Please let the office know if you wish to change your child’s weekly school dinner pattern. Please let the office know if your child requires a special diet.

Is there a Breakfast club? How can I request a place? How can I find further information?
On this page, you can find details of our Breakfast Club, After School Club and Late Pick-up Club (which are run by school staff and are together known as the “All Stars Clubs”).  Click here for Clubs and wrap around care

Is there an After School Club? How can I request a place? How can I find further information?
On this page, you can find details of our Breakfast Club, After School Club and Late Pick-up Club (which are run by school staff and are together known as the “All Stars Clubs”).  Click here for Clubs and wrap around care

What clubs are available? How do I request a place?
See here for list of enrichment clubs available, activity clubs, dates, and any possible costs . Click here for Clubs and wrap around care

What are the dates for School Orchestra?
See here for term dates Click here for School Orchestra dates

Can my child learn an instrument?
Group and individual lessons are available for instruments such as the recorder, flute, clarinet, oboe, violin and cello. There is a fee for these lessons and families are expected to sign a music learning contract. The school can often arrange to lend out a musical instrument for beginners.

Contact the school office or Mrs Clarke to discuss this further

Is there a tuck shop?
Yes, the school’s healthy tuck shop takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays in the school playground during morning break. Year six children run the tuck shop. Each child has a card with credit on. Credit can be topped up by sending in money in a sealed envelope addressed to healthy tuck shop. Please detail your child’s name and year.

Children can use any credit to purchase items such as raisins, fruit strings or crackers.

Can parents and families come to assemblies?
Parents will be invited to specific school and class assemblies by letter.

How do I know how my child is doing? I want to discuss my child’s progress with the class teacher. How do I do this?
We hold parent evenings during the Autumn and Spring terms and produce an annual report during the summer, following which it is possible to attend an additional meeting if required.

However, if you have any concerns or require any further information you can request a meeting with the class teacher.

How can I meet with the class teacher?
Please speak to class teachers at the end of the school day if possible as mornings can be very busy. Alternatively please contact the school office & they will arrange for the teacher to contact you.

How can I meet with the Headteacher?
Please contact the school office to arrange a meeting.

How do you deal with bullying?
See here for info.

How do I make payments?
We use on on-line payment scheme to collect payments for all school trips, dinner money, most clubs and All Stars care clubs. You will receive text messages requesting any new payments plus a reminder of your password.

Healthy tuck shop payments and some independent extra currculicular club fees are NOT paid through this system.

Do pupils have a voice in the school?
Yes they do. We actively encourage pupil participation in the school. We have a school council elected by the pupils. The pupils make decisions on appropriate issues such as school rules and changes to the school. Pupils are involved in the staff appointment proceedings to a certain degree.

Where can I find lost property?
All unclaimed items are boxed up, inside, near the main entrance door. Once a term these will be brought outside for perusal. Please ensure that all clothing and footwear used in school is named to allow for speedy return.

What happens if my child is hurt at school?
Trained first aiders will assess your child and provide any medical assistance deemed necessary. Parents will be notified of injuries requiring treatment and, in addition, for head injury a text will be sent. If emergency treatment is required the school will initiate this calling the emergency services and the parents and if necessary accompanying the child to hospital. If a child requires further non-emergency treatment or assessment the parents will be contacted.

My child has asthma – how do you manage this?
Please contact the school office ASAP. You will also be required to provide an inhaler; this will be kept securely in the classroom – older children will be able to carry their own inhaler.   Emergency inhalers are available in school.

My child needs medicine during the day – how will you deal with that?
Office staff are able to administer prescribed medication. However, please note that we will not give pain relieving medicine or medicine that may contain this (e.g. cough medicine) to children under 8. Please complete the Medical Administration form which is found here..XXXXXX….. (Wendy I cannot find this) and return to the school office together with the medicine. Alternatively fill a form in at the school office. Please remember to pick up the medicine at the end of the day/week/course.

How can I contact the school?
The school can be telephoned on 01225 465229 or e-mailed at Our text messaging service is only able to send messages out to parents so it is not possible to contact the school via this text service.

Who should I speak to if I have a question or problem regarding my child or another?
See Parent Guidance section of our website

How do I let the school know about medical appointments?
Please speak to the class teacher or contact the school office in advance whenever possible.

What do I do if I am not able to pick my child up as usual?
Please contact the school office. If necessary a place may be found in our late pick up club if available.

Can I take my child on holiday during term time? Can my child have a day off?
See Term dates and holidays information

Can I opt my child out of any part of the curriculum?
With the exceptions of Sex Education and RE parents do not have the right to remove their child from any part of the curriculum. Our school believes that it is every child’s right to experience a broad and stimulating education.

How do I find out if the school is open in bad weather?
The text message service will be used to inform parents if the school is to be closed or run reduced hours. Current status of the school will also be posted on the school twitter feed. This can be viewed on the website homepage.

Can my child walk home on their own?
Key Stage 2 children ( from class 4 onwards) can walk home alone if their parents give them permission. The class teacher must be informed of this arrangement

Can my child have milk?
Yes. Children under 5 are entitled to free milk. Parents can purchase milk for their child at any age over 5 – please see School meals page. (. Link through to school meals page. Please note the link is to a school milk letter dated 2014 – can this be updated?)

Who are the governors and what to they do?
Details of appointed governors can be found here

Governors provide a strategic view of where the school is heading; act as a critical friend”; hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides. Governors do not manage the school on a day-to-day basis or provide specific guidance on teaching

I am concerned about the school? Who do I contact?
If you have concerns about the school in general please speak to the Headteacher in the first instance. If you still feel concerned, please contact one of our parent governors who are appointed to help you and to represent your views. Details of appointed governors can be found here.

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