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For a number of years now the school has run a healthy tuck shop, with the generous help of parent volunteers and a rota of Year Six children.  It operates during morning break on a Monday and Friday and is available to all children. There are a range of healthy snacks including raisins, Fruit Yo-yo’s and Organix snacks.

In order to purchase these snacks your child will need a tuck shop card. These cost two pounds. There will be ten boxes on the card worth 20 pence each. Some products cost 20p and some 40p. The cards are kept at school and the appropriate number of boxes will be crossed off each time your child purchases something. When the total amount on the card has been spent it will be returned to the child to take home, so that parents are aware a replacement is needed. To buy a card parents should hand £2 into the office, in a clearly labelled envelope with the child’s name and class on it. These are then updated on a weekly basis.

It would be very helpful if you could explain to your child that they can only purchase items if they have a card. Every now and again it may be possible that money has been handed in, but the cards have not yet been updated. It will be explained to the child that they should come back the next time, when hopefully the card will be there. We appreciate not all parents will want their children to purchase tuck shop items, and it would help us greatly if your child could be aware when and if they have a card.

The healthy tuck shop is very popular with the children and we appreciate your continued custom and support.


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