School Community

School ‘Buddies’
When they first start school at the age of four, Reception children are paired with a Year 6 child who becomes their ‘School Buddy’. The older children look out for the little ones and it is a pleasure to see them playing together.

‘A major strength is in encouraging and developing social
and emotional skills and encouraging friendships
and inter-year links.’  


School ‘Families’
All the children belong to ‘families’ which include all ages, from 4 to 11. This promotes good relationships between the whole range of age groups, so that the younger children gain confidence, and the older children develop a sense of responsibility.

Assemblies take place daily and may be held within individual classes, with different age groups, our vertically grouped School Families, or the whole school. Assemblies can be led by a member of staff, the Head teacher, or by visitors to the school. We regularly have assemblies led by the Vicar of St Nicholas Church in Bathampton.

Assemblies are a special time to value achievements, to celebrate success and to reflect on personal matters. They are broadly of a Christian nature and may include a prayer and a hymn or spiritual song. Parents may request that their child is withdrawn from school assemblies, although we would ask you to note that they are a valuable opportunity for our school community to gather together.

Home-School Partnership
Parental support at home is invaluable in a child’s education. As a school we aim to involve parents in school life in a variety of ways. Throughout the year there are information sessions for parents, to tell them about individual class routines or developments in subjects, and to encourage them to ask questions. Teachers build positive relationships with parents, welcoming them in the morning and being available to chat after school. As a school we strongly believe in communicating and addressing any issues quickly and effectively.

Parents are encouraged to offer their help in school, by listening to children read, or accompanying class trips. Sometimes, parents or relatives may showcase a particular skill to inspire children to learn.

School Council
Two children from each class are elected to serve on the School Council for one year. The Council meets twice a term to discuss issues which affect the pupils and the school. For example, pupils helped choose the playground structures and the colours for the redecoration of the school.

‘The school is small and friendly and puts a strong emphasis
on building friendships and independence’ 

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