Bathampton Primary School Teaching Staff
Areas of Responsibility 2017-2018

Thomas Brewer

Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Looked After Children

Class One / Y1 Teacher (f/t) Nicola Lake Deputy Head Teacher (Senior Management Team)
Mathematics Subject Leader
PSHE/ SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Cultural Development)
Staff Governor
Initial Teacher Training Liaison
Reception/ Y0 Teacher (0.5) Elizabeth Evans Key Stage One Leader (Senior Management Team) Early  Years                                Key Stage 1 English Subject Leader
Reception/ Y0 Teacher (O.5) Jo Kirby RE Subject Leader
Collective Worship
English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Class Two/ Y2 Teacher (f/t) Rachel Corcoran KS1 SENCO              Computing Subject Leader
Class Three/ Y3 Teacher (0.5) Heidi Wood KS2 SENCO  (Senior Management Team)
Science Subject Leader
Class Three/ Y3 Teacher (0.5) Jackie Ovigne Pupil Premium Marking                        Modern Foreign Languages School Visits Co-ordinator
Class Four/ Y4 Teacher (f/t) Joshua Barnard  Art/DT
Class Five/ Y5 Teacher (0.9) David Leonardi Humanities Subject Leader  PE Subject Leader (inc Funding and Outcomes)
Class Six/ Y6 Teacher (0.8) Anna Edmund Key Stage 2 Leader     (Senior Management Team)Key Stage 2 English               E-Safety Team

Bathampton Primary School
Staff List 2018-2019

Thomas Brewer Head Teacher
Nicola Lake Deputy Head Teacher and Class One Teacher
Elizabeth Evans  Reception Teacher
Jo Kirby Reception Teacher
Rachel Corcoran Class Two Teacher
Heidi Wood Class Three Teacher
Jackie Ovigne Class Three Teacher
Joshua Barnard Class Four Teacher
David Leonardi Class Five Teacher
Anna Edmund Class Six Teacher
Emily Bennington Early Years Teaching Assistant; School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Nicky Chun Early Years Teaching Assistant; School Meals Supervisory Assistant (Co-ordinator); Breakfast Club
Sally Hedges Early Years and Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant
Paula Murphy Key Stage 1;  Teaching Assistant; School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Chloe Yandell Early Years and Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant
Lucy Garrard Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant
JoAnne Huntley Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant; and Admin
Kerry Kelley Key Stage 1 Higher Level Teaching Assistant; Thrive Practitioner and School Council
Jackie Cox Lower Key Stage 2                       Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Davies Upper Key Stage 2  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Eva Martinez-Auria Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant
Sharon Gapper School Secretary
Wendy Palmby Admin Assistant/Receptionist; Website editor
Cathryn MacDougall Finance Officer
Sally Crampton  School Meals Supervisory Assistant; Breakfast Club and After School Club
Alexander Cousins  Late Pick Up Club
Bernadette Blake School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Alison Deane School Meals Supervisory Assistant; After School Club
Kylee Quinn After School Club
Helen Bowditch Cleaner and Key Holder
Richard Jones Cleaner
Susannah Mead Kitchen Manager
John Goodman Catering Assistant

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