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World book day with Alice Maddicott

On Thursday the 2nd of March, Class Six spent a day with the author Alice Maddicott. During the day, Alice helped us improve our writing skills but most of all, she helped us create our own imaginary world.

At the start of the day, she talked to us about our favourite books and our favourite imaginary worlds. Some books that where mentioned where: The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, the Harry Potter series and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We learned the meanings of utopia (a place where everything is happy and peaceful) and dystopia (the complete opposite of utopia where everything is horrible).

After that, we all went outside with clipboards and paper and wrote down any description of nature (or anything else that popped into our minds) that came to us. We used the time outside to observe many things such as tree bark, which looked like ancient Elephant skin. Whilst we were outside, we also wrote down thoughts that might help us in inventing our OWN imaginary world for a story (we didn’t actually write a story though). There were some amazing descriptions like saying a curving branch of brambles was like a dystopian rainbow or one was: the grass covered the land, smothering it like a cosy blanket.

After lunch, Alice asked us all to close our eyes whilst she guided us through our world using only words which made you feel as if you were really there (kind of like hypnotism)! She told us how to explore our world by looking and walking around and observing the noises, smells and feelings. Eventually, we were whizzed back to our classroom where we were told to write down a paragraph (or more) of description of whatever world we had travelled to. Before we went to our imaginary world (in our heads, of course), Alice explained to us that by doing this it would put us in a dreamy state of mind which would help us to write better. She said that most writers decide to write in the early morning or late at night when their minds are in a day-dream mode.

We finished off by choosing between writing a character description and drawing a map of our world with some bits of your description to label different places. These activities were really fun and gave us one more chance to be even more creative.

We really enjoyed having Alice in, it really improved our skills to make our writing more interesting and also it gave us a whole day to be creative. We are really grateful for having Alice in. Thank you!

By Miranda and Kate

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